Halt! You’re trespassing!

Certain battles in life are only yours to fight. More often than not, they are not yours by choice. They just happened to catch you off guard. And the only option you were left with is fight it. So you summon all your courage (which usually yoNoseu think you lack), and you put on a brave face, and in a fleeting moment of triumph, you believe that you have all it takes to win this. Along the way, obstacles emerge out of nowhere in an attempt to discourage and defeat you, but somehow, you manage. You hold on tight despite the emotional roller coaster. You fight the battle AND your demons in the process. And boy do you learn! About yourself, about others, about life’s twists and turns, about fate, etc. You marvel at your hidden strengths but at the same time are appalled and embarrassed by your weaknesses and faults…

And in the end, even if you do not win the battle, you’d know that you fought tooth and nail, you gave it your best, and you find comfort in the lessons it taught you. Perhaps the most important lesson is one in patience and resilience…. Anyway, all this is to say that despite the battle being your own to fight, some people think they can lecture and preach you about it. Each one has an interestingly silly and irrelevant opinion to share with you, because THEY know better, because THEY know how you feel or what you are going through.

In this country, the general culture (or the lack thereof) is for everybody to stick their nose in your business, to ask you inappropriate questions I would not ask my best friend and to bestow upon you their “wisest” yet unsolicited pieces of advice, just because they know what’s up. Boundaries are an unheard of concept in our culture. Privacy is a frowned upon luxury that could earn you the reputation of being a snob. By nature, I am not an extremely private person. I am outgoing and easy to be approached. Curse or blessing, that’s debatable. The bottom line is that certain things in life are private business. Any person with a sound sense of judgement must know better than to cross certain boundaries. Because very often, behind the brave face, the gracious smile and the friendly voice, someone might be fighting a battle you know nothing about, a battle that is only theirs to fight. Stop trespassing and just let them be, will you?



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